Not Hitting the Health Resolution Results You Want? B12 LOVE to the Rescue!


Many of us make health resolutions with the best intentions and then watch as we slowly slide into old patterns that we were hoping to break. We want to take better care of ourselves, our health and others. Don’t we all want to look, feel, and do better? Yes! So what is missing? Why can’t we do this once and for all? It is one word. Sleep.

Want to lose weight, build muscle, detox, de-stress, and have mental clarity? You guessed it. You must have a good night’s sleep. Not one, not two, but almost every night. We all know sleep isn’t just for babies or people who feel tired, it’s essential for everybody. Going to bed and experiencing a restful, restorative sleep is one of the trending health concerns of our time. It has become a health crisis, with 1 in 3 adults reporting not sleeping well or enough.

If you are doing everything else to improve your well-being like moderate daily exercise, nutrient-dense nutrition, staying hydrated, limiting caffeine and alcohol, and you still can’t seem to lose weight or ward off the latest cold and flu virus going around, it is time to also look at your sleep schedule. Do you go to bed early and around the same time every night? Do you give yourself a chance to wind down in the evening that doesn’t involve a smartphone or a computer (especially if you use those devices often throughout the day)? How long do you sleep? Do you wake up during the night?

Vitamin B12 is the “Energy Vitamin,” and many of our clients at B12 LOVE tell us they notice an increase in their overall energy level. They also notice that they sleep better! Vitamin B12 is essential for our nervous system, and if your B12 levels are low or borderline, a B12 LOVE shot is very nourishing.

Sleeping well is the core of great health! If you are not sleeping well on a regular basis, you should do something about it as soon as possible. Before you try prescription medication for a sleeping disorder such as insomnia, not sleeping soundly, waking up during the night, or any sleeping disturbance, why not try a Methylcobalamin B12 shot first? If you have had a B12 shot before, you might want to try the B Cocktail shots Moody Anxious Insomniac or Wired & Tired. The medical professional on-site can help you decide which shot might be best for you at this time.

The B Cocktail shot Moody Anxious Insomniac is with B12, MIC (Methionine, Inositol, and Choline), Taurine, and B6 (a necessary cofactor for biosynthesis of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine). Wired & Tired has Magnesium (deep muscle relaxation and sense of calm), Extra Strength B12, and B5 for energy and to support the adrenal glands.

Don’t struggle through another night of missed sleep, or feeling sluggish and anxious, or not meeting your health goals. B12 LOVE Happy Hours offer health boosts for everyone!

All the best,
B12 LOVE Team  

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