IV Nutrient Drips

Why get an IV Nutrient Drip?

While not a replacement for a balanced diet and an active lifestyle, IV nutrient drips serve as a wonderful complement to nourish your body with vital nutrients and hydration that last. Think of these drips as a loving hug to your cells, offering a boost of sustained energy, a shield for your immune system, a soothing touch for pain, and a harmonious balance for your overall well-being.

The bypass of the digestive system ensures that your body benefits from 100% of these nourishing nutrients. Plus, our IV therapy delivers therapeutic doses, which is especially comforting for those whose bodies might struggle with absorbing nutrients the traditional way.

Whether you’re bouncing back from a cold, recalibrating your inner balance after a journey, or just gearing up for a week full of adventures, B12 LOVE IV nutrient drips promise to have you feeling rejuvenated, recharged, and ready to embrace the day with open arms. It’s a swift, effective way to ensure your body feels LOVE-d and supported, allowing you to enjoy the benefits for much longer and more meaningfully.

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Signature IV Drips
Exclusively at B12 LOVE

Little LOVE Category

$220 Regular | $198 Package | $176 Club
(250 ml bag)

The Fillmore

Our version of the Myers’ Cocktail that boosts energy and overall health

Immune Booster

For regular maintenance of a strong immune system

Slim & Trim

Supports weight loss goals, curbs sugar cravings, and builds lean body mass

Pre/Post Surgery

Recommended to encourage wound healing and a speedy recovery

More LOVE Category

$300 Regular | $270 Package | $240 Club
(500 ml bag)

Tired As a Mother

Formulated for energy, stamina, and adrenal fatigue

Inflamed Athlete

Potent IV for general inflammation and autoimmune disorders


Great for migraine headaches, general anxiety, and tired muscles


A perfect blend for pregnancy symptoms, nursing, and nausea relief

Big LOVE Category

$350 Regular | $315 Package | $280 Club
(1,000 ml bag)

Kick Butt Immune

The strongest dose of nutrients will provide a boost pre or post-illness

LOVE & Longevity

Our master formulation for energy, healthy aging, and longevity

Rock Your World

Ultimate IV experience – this drip is for those who need stamina

Hair of the Dog

Perfect remedy for pre or post-party with anti-nausea benefits



Mitochondrial enhancer and longevity
therapy to reverse the clock

$200 Regular | $180 Package | $160 Club

$50 Each additional 50mg
$25 Each additional 50mg after 500mg
Add on to your drip and save $100

Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Antioxidant that can support brain health,
diabetes, and nerve function

$250 Regular | $225 Package | $200 Club
Add on to your drip and save $100


Master healthy aging antioxidant and
detoxifier that will leave you glowing

$170 Regular | $153 Package | $136 Club
$25 Each additional 500mg
Add on to your drip and save $100


Engystol – The Antiviral
Traumeel – The Pain Reliever
Spascupreel – The Anti-Spasmotic

$65 Regular | $59 Package | $52 Club

High-Dose Vitamin C

Traditionally used for chronic infections,
anti-viral support, and
post-cancer treatments

$190 Regular | $171 Package | $152 Club
*20-minute Luxe Consult required for $140 for over 10g


Helps manage symptoms and health issues caused by low iron
*20-minute Luxe Consult required for $140

$275 Regular | $248 Package | $220 Club
$50 Each additional 25g

Hydration Only

Can be a stand-alone service or added to
your favorite IV drip for extra nourishment

500ml: $145 Regular | $131 Package | $116 Club
1,000ml: $175 Regular | $158 Package | $140 Club

Add Hydration to Your Drip
$60 Regular | $54 Package | $48 Club
1,000ml: $80 Regular | $72 Package | $64 Club

The B12 LOVE Difference

All IV Drips have been carefully formulated by
Dr. Shannon, Naturopathic Doctor, B12 LOVE CEO & Founder
Every IV is prepared fresh and administered by medical professionals
Every IV Drip contains therapeutic doses of the highest quality nutrients
We are Bay Area family-owned-and-operated
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