About Us

In the mid-2000s, our founder, Dr. Shannon Wood Gallegos – a Naturopathic Doctor and Licensed Midwife – began administering vitamin B12 injections to pregnant and nursing mothers. She found it to be a safe and effective way to increase energy, support the immune system, decrease anxiety, and improve outcomes for patients with anemia. Due to its incredible efficacy, she began offering injections to all of her patients.

In 2013, Dr. Shannon and her husband, Armando, established B12 LOVE (formerly Got Vitamin B12) in the Mission District of San Francisco, with the goal of helping others experience the many benefits of nutrient injections without the inconvenience of a doctor’s appointment or prescription. In 2019, B12 LOVE expanded its offerings to include nutrient IVs, which are especially beneficial for the very busy and often fatigued Bay Area community.

Today, B12 LOVE proudly offers multiple locations throughout the Bay Area and a robust menu with 30+ signature injections and 15+ IVs. At all of our locations, clients are welcomed into a comfortable and relaxing environment by our incredible team of Naturopathic Doctors, Registered Nurses, and Support Staff.

We LOVE what we do at B12 LOVE, and are so grateful to have the support of our 20,000+ (and growing!) amazing clients. B12 LOVE is excited to help you achieve and maintain optimal health within the demands of your busy, everyday life.

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