About Us

B12 LOVE is the SF Bay Area’s premier source for nutrient injections and IV drips. Our multiple locations proudly offer 30+ signature nutrient injections, and 15+ nutrient IVs formulated to promote healthy, balanced living. Our incredible team of Naturopathic Doctors, Registered Nurses, and Client Experience Specialists welcome clients into a comfortable and relaxing environment. We are proud to be a female-founded & operated business. 

Dr. Shannon Wood Gallegos and her husband, Armando, established B12 LOVE (formerly ‘Got Vitamin B12’) in 2013 to give their community an easy and convenient way to enjoy the many benefits of injectable vitamins and nutrients. Today, B12 LOVE helps over 50,000+ clients throughout the Bay Area achieve and maintain optimal health within the demands of their busy, everyday lives.

B12 LOVE executive team
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