Nutrient Injections

Why get a Nutrient Injection?

While they are not a replacement for a healthy diet and lifestyle, nutrient injections are a quick and easy way to boost your energy and wellness on a regular basis. Because they bypass the digestive tract and can cross the blood-brain barrier, injections are 100% absorbed into our bodies.

Signature Cocktails

Regular $60 / Club Member $48

Focused & Fearless

Helps promote energy, muscle recovery, concentration, focus and a client fav!

  • B12 + B5 + Taurine

The Kitchen Sink The shot could sting a bit

Helps support the immune system, metabolism, and balances energy

  • B12 + MIC/L-Carnitine + B-Complex

Ultra Weight Loss

Can fuel your body for advanced metabolism support and a client fav!

  • B12 + MIC/L-Carnitine + B5

Zen Vibes Something new

Deeply relaxing formula that can help with anxiety or insomnia

  • B12 + Taurine + Glycine

Hair Repair Shot could sting a bit

Perfect nourishing formula for head to toenail beauty

  • B12 + Biotin + Glutathione

My Gain Something newShot could sting a bit

Provides beneficial relief for migraines, headaches and PMS symptoms

  • B12 + B2 + Magnesium

Love Shot Something new

Helps balance and boost sex hormones

  • B12 + B5 + Amino Blend

Kick Butt Travel This shot can sting a bit

Quick, ample dose of stamina and immune support

  • B12 + B5 + B-Complex

Inner Athlete

Helps maintain stamina, adrenal function and boost energy

  • B12 + MIC + B5

Happy Hormones The shot could sting a bit

Supports thyroid, adrenals and provides nourishment for all hormone systems

  • B12 + B5 + B6

Simply Glamour

Provides nourishment for hair follicles, skin clarity and strengthen nails

  • B12 + B5 + Biotin

Fertility Boost Something newShot could sting a bit

Nourishment for egg and sperm quality

  • B12 + Amino Blend + Glutathione

Muscle Mania Something newShot could sting a bit

Supports for recovery and inflammation

  • B12 + Taurine + Magnesium

Signature Doubles

Regular $90 / Club Member $72

Fountain of Youth Shot could sting a bit

Help slow down the aging process with powerful antioxidants and B vitamins

  • B12 + B5 + B-Complex
  • MIC + Biotin + Glutathione

Fountain of EnergyShot could sting a bit

A mega-dose of vigor and stamina!

  • B12 + B5 + B-Complex
  • Taurine + L-Carnitine + Glutathione

Fountain of ImmunityShot could sting a bit

Provides anti-viral and other immune support for acute conditions

  • B12 + B5 + B-Complex
  • Taurine + L-Lysine + Glutathione

Fountain of Muscle RecoveryShot could sting a bit

Support for acute or chronic pain, inflammation and muscle recovery

  • B12 + B5 + L-Carnitine
  • B2 + Taurine + Magnesium

Single Nutrients


NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucieotide)

Mitochondrial enhancer and anti-aging therapy to reverse the clock

40mg ……………. $60 / Club Member $48

Each additional 10mg up to 150mg ….. $10

Each additional 10mg after 150mg … $5

Alpha-Lipoic AcidSomething new

Antioxidant that can support brain health, diabetes and nerve function

25mg ……………. $60 / Club Member $48

GlutathioneShot could sting a bit

Master anti-aging antioxidant and detoxifier that will leave you glowing

200mg ………….. $60 / Club Member $48

400mg ………….. $80 / Club Member $64


Antioxidant that can support heart health, overall energy and fertility

20mg ……………. $60 / Club Member $48

General Wellness

Vitamin B12

Offers a calm, natural energy boost and the foundation for B12 LOVE.

5mg ……… $45 / Club Member $36

2.5mg …… $35 / Club Member $28


Anti-aging B vitamin useful for chronic inflammation, skin health and fertility

10mg ……… $60 / Club Member $48

Vitamin D

Vital for mood, master of the immune system and imperative for bone health

50,000 IU ……… $60 / Club Member $48


Zofran Something new

Great anti-nausea medication for after a late night on the town

4mg ……………… $30 / Club Member $24

Iron* Something new

Help manage symptoms and health issues caused by low iron such as severe fatigue, anxiety and vertigo

25mg …………….. $80 / Club Member $64

50mg …………….. $100 / Club Member $80

* Requires a 20-minute Luxe Services Consultation with one of our naturopathic doctors ($125 fee)

Icon Legend

 Something new Something new

Could sting a bit This shot could sting a bit