Nutrient Injections

Why Get a Nutrient Injection?

Nutrient injections, while not a substitute for a balanced diet and active lifestyle, are a powerful and immediate way to enhance your energy levels and overall health. These injections ensure complete absorption by directly bypassing the digestive system and crossing the blood-brain barrier, making them a highly effective wellness strategy. Nutrient injections are ideal for regular health boosts and provide a 100% bioavailable solution to support your body’s wellness needs efficiently.

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Signature Injections
Exclusively at B12 LOVE

B12 LOVE Signature Cocktails

$65 Regular | $59 Package | $52 Club

Focused & Fearless

B12 + B5 + Taurine
Helps promote energy, muscle recovery, concentration, and focus

The Kitchen Sink 

B12 + MIC Ultra + B5
Helps support the immune system, metabolism, and balances energy

Ultra Weight Loss

B12 + MIC Ultra + L-Carnitine
Can fuel your body for advanced metabolism support – a client fave!

Kick Butt Travel 

B12 + B5 + B-Complex
Quick, ample dose of stamina and immune support

Ultra Energy

B12 + CoQ10 + B5
Helps maintain stamina and adrenal function, and boosts energy

Simply Glamour

B12 + Biotin + B5
Provides nourishment for hair follicles, skin clarity, and strong nails

Hormone Glow

B12 + B5 + Glutathione
Supports thyroid, adrenals, and nourishment for all of the hormone systems

B12 LOVE Signature Doubles

$100 Regular | $90 Package | $80 Club

Fountain of Youth

B12 + B5 + Vitamin C
MIC + Biotin + Glutathione
Helps slow down aging and gives your hair, skin, and nails a boost

Fountain of Energy

B12 + B5 + B-Complex
Taurine + L-Carnitine + CoQ10
Mega-dose of stamina, promotion of muscle recovery, and focus

Fountain of Zen

B12 + MIC + Magnesium
Taurine + Biotin + B-Complex
Support for general anxiety, anxious thoughts, mood, and sleep

Fountain of Immunity

B12 + B5 + B-Complex
Glutathione + L-Lysine + Vitamin C
Provides anti-viral and other immune support

Fountain of Muscle Recovery

B12 + B-Complex + L-Carnitine
L-Lysine + Taurine + Magnesium
Support for acute or chronic pain, inflammation, and muscle recovery

Fountain of Metabolism

B12 + B5 + MIC Ultra
Taurine + L-Carnitine + CoQ10
Support for weight loss and may help to curb sugar cravings

B12 LOVE Single Nutrients

A Great Way to Try Something New


Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide
Mitochondrial enhancer and longevity therapy to reverse the clock

$65 Regular | $59 Package | $52 Club
$10 Each additional 10mg up to 150mg
$5 Each additional 10mg after 150mg

Vitamin C

Can be great for immune support and skin health

$50 Regular | $45 Package | $40 Club

$70 Regular | $63 Package | $56 Club

Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Antioxidant that can support brain health, diabetes, and nerve function

$65 Regular | $59 Package | $52 Club

$88 Regular | $80 Package | $71 Club

Vitamin B12

Offers a calm, natural energy boost and the foundation for B12 LOVE

$38 Regular | $35 Package | $31 Club
$50 Regular | $45 Package | $40 Club

B12 LOVE Specialty Injections


Helps manage symptoms and health issues caused by low iron.
Requires a 20-minute Luxe Services Consultation with one of our naturopathic doctors ($140 fee).
Please note that this service must be booked in advance and is not offered on a walk-in basis.

$90 Regular | $81 Package | $72 Club

$110 Regular | $99 Package | $88 Club

$160 Regular | $144 Package | $128 Club

$210 Regular | $189 Package | $168 Club

Featured Seasonal Items


Injection or as an add-on to your IV
Available while supplies last – ask your provider

$65 Regular | $59 Package | $52 Club

Engystol – The Antiviral
Traumeel – The Pain Reliever
Spascupreel – The Anti-Spasmotic

Create a Custom Injection

Signature Cocktail Shot – Choose 3 nutrients
Signature Double Shot – Choose 6 nutrients

B12 (Methyl)







Vitamin C



MIC Ultra



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