B12 LOVE Founder and Co-Owner, Dr. Shannon Wood-Gallegos, Talks Work-Motherhood Balance, Hormone Health, and Longevity.

B12 LOVE is excited to explore the dynamic life of Dr. Shannon, showcasing her commitment to balancing various aspects of life with enthusiasm and dedication. Dr. Shannon champions the holistic health approach that B12 LOVE stands for, highlighting the critical role of nutrient injections and IV therapies, complemented by a nutritious diet, in maintaining wellness. She dedicates herself to offering early support, education, and intervention for individuals on their hormone health journey. Her advocacy extends to the proactive management of hormonal imbalances, utilizing the principles of functional medicine. Join us to discover inspiring insights into juggling life’s roles with elegance, understand the pivotal role of hormone health in overall well-being, and learn about cutting-edge health strategies.


Q. Here at B12 LOVE, you have earned the moniker ‘Superwoman’ for successfully balancing your many roles in life. How do you effectively balance the responsibilities of owning a business, nurturing a family of four boys, managing a private practice, and thriving as the CEO of B12 LOVE?

A. “I really believe in the medicine we are providing. I get shots twice a week and try to receive an IV at least once a month. I also am a big believer in protein every few hours. I know there are a lot of other diets out there, but this lifestyle habit I have been preaching to my patients and pregnant moms for 20 years. I am not as good at taking my supplements, but there are always certain things in our wellness routines we have to work on. I also believe that with four boys under 10, you have to live in chaos, and it’s ok. The toys will never be all picked up or the laundry always done, but it’s ok – just keep smiling and stay positive. It’s a phase of life.”

Dr. Shannon, her husband and B12 LOVE COO, Armando, and their four boys


Q. In your last interview with B12 LOVE, you expressed a passion for hormone health. Could you elaborate on the origins of your dedication to supporting both men and women in their hormone health journey?

A. “I truly believe that we are in an epidemic of hormone disruption for both men and women. We see girls starting their periods at age 9 and women heading to perimenopause in their early 30s. I also see men with extremely low testosterone in their 30s. There are many supplements we can use early in life to support these hormonal shifts. I also recommend baseline testing, which gives us great guidance to support longevity, especially when done early.”


Q. What motivates and inspires you about the field of hormone health?

A. “It is very inspiring that most people understand how important hormone health is now. Even a few years ago, many doctors would state that hormones cause cancer or increased risk of stroke. We now know that hormones are vital to our brain, heart, and bones. My projection is that 90 percent of adults over 50 will be on some bioidentical hormone therapy in the next 10 years due to all its beneficial effects.”


Q. What aspects of working in hormone health do you find particularly fulfilling?

A. “For most, the results are almost immediate. Of course, it is a personalized medicine, so there can be a lot of adjustments in the beginning, but once we find the right dose, timing, and combination, it is life-changing! People always report that, ‘I feel like myself again.’

Dr. Shannon at a Hormone Pellet Training


Q. What guidance would you offer for individuals looking to understand and optimize their hormonal balance?

A. “Please find a functional medicine practitioner. Naturopathic Doctors are all trained as Functional Medicine Doctors. At B12 LOVE, you can come in and book a 10-minute Meet-and-Greet. All of our doctors can give guidance on what the next steps might be for you, whether it’s just simple injections, a supplement routine, or testing of your hormones to get a better idea of why you might not be feeling optimal. Hormones affect most of our body’s systems, and balance is the key to feeling your best.”

Dr. Shannon, Teaching a Hormone Certification Course


Q. How can they embark on a journey to learn more about their hormones, and what steps would you recommend for achieving balance in this aspect of their health?

A. “I always think running a few labs is very important. You can schedule a time with one of our B12 LOVE Naturopathic Doctors to take a comprehensive hormone test and receive lab results. It can give us data and also give relief to clients that this is not just ‘all in your head’.”


Q. As many individuals naturally focus on longevity and aging, could you share your top recommendations for healthy aging?

A. “Positive thinking is always my first. On average, people live 17 years longer with the power of positive thinking. I am a huge fan of NAD+ and do it weekly as an injection and daily as a supplement called Youngr. I also believe in adrenal support to help manage the stress that is always in my life, and to optimize vitamin D levels.”

Dr. Shannon and Baran, YOUNGR Co-founder and CEO


Q. At B12 LOVE, a commonly asked question is, “How often should I stop in for a service?” What would you say is the ideal frequency for individuals to visit B12 LOVE for a service?

A. “Once a week for at least six weeks – this can help fill your tank! Then, after that, it’s so individual depending on how depleted that individual is. But usually, most people need these services at least a few times a month.”


Q. What would determine if their specific needs warrant more frequent visits than the average recommendation?

A. “Coming in more often is recommended for weight loss, immune support, fatigue, and anxiety. Also, more complex cases like post-Covid, autoimmune, and chronic illness require much more frequent visits.”


Q. With the growing popularity of nutrient and vitamin IV therapy, B12 LOVE has consistently distinguished itself as the market leader for these services. What, in your opinion, sets B12 LOVE apart and allows it to rise above?

A. “We have always set ourselves apart with the amount of nutrients we deliver in our injections and IVs. I know we have the highest because that’s the intention I set for the company when we started almost 11 years ago. Every syringe is filled with 3 ml of solution. I say, if you’re going to give someone a small poke, we might as well fill up their tank. Our IV nutrient therapy has the highest quality of nutrients – just take a look at the color of our bags, but more importantly, how you feel.”


Q. Last year, B12 LOVE launched its Luxe line, which includes PRP and microneedling services. What prompted the decision, and how do you envision these offerings benefiting our clients?

A. “Clients always ask us for more longevity services, so it was a very easy decision to bring it in, but a harder decision to make sure we use the right equipment to give maximum results. I am so proud of all of our services and training behind it. We really do deliver an amazing product.”


Q. How has the B12 LOVE Club evolved over the past year, and what unique benefits or features do you believe set these memberships apart?

A. “Not all memberships give discounts on their premium products, but we do! Our membership program will continue to evolve to give our Club members rewards and the true VIP experience for being a part of the loyal B12 LOVE family.”


Q. As we step into 2024, what are some things that excite you the most for the new year, both in your personal life and for the future of B12 LOVE?

A. “I need to give myself a little more self-LOVE. Doctors are truly the worst patients! I am very excited to expand our Luxe Services and add many more longevity services to our menu. ‘Happy Medicine’ is the best medicine.”


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