Meet B12 LOVE Team Member: Jamie

Meet Jamie – B12 LOVE Walnut Creek Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN). Although Jamie has spent less than one year with B12 LOVE thus far, she has some serious health care experience under her belt. For a few years, Jamie worked for the VA as a phlebotomist, where she found herself wanting to be involved in patient care. She then returned to school, obtained a nursing license, and began working in occupational health. Jamie has finally found what she calls her “happy place” in naturopathic medicine where she flourishes, working and learning alongside B12 LOVE Naturopathic Doctors.

Why did you want to work at B12 LOVE?

“I really wanted to get into naturopathic medicine and saw the opportunity with B12 LOVE. I am beyond grateful for the amazing coworkers I get to spend time with on a daily basis.”

Why do you LOVE working at B12 LOVE?

“I LOVE working at B12 LOVE because of the amazing team I get to work with everyday.”

What are your hobbies outside of work?

“I spend time hanging out with my pup & boyfriend, karaoking, and champagne tasting.”

How have B12 LOVE services and products improved your hobbies outside of work?

“I have more energy on a daily basis to do the activities I enjoy.”

What is your favorite service at B12 LOVE?

“My favorite service is a glutathione IV drip.”

What are your top 3 favorite products at B12 LOVE?

“My top picks for products would have to be: Ortho Biotic, B5, and L-carnitine.”

If you could advise someone who has never been to B12 LOVE but is interested in trying out some of our services, what would you tell them?

“Just go in and try even just a B12 shot. The noticeable difference it makes is why clients LOVE us!”

If you could plan your dream event with B12 LOVE, what would it entail?

“My dream B12 LOVE event would be spent wine tasting at a winery and recovering with B12 LOVE IVs.”

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

“I have broken 10 of my bones!”

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