How to Earn Rewards Using the B12 LOVE Referral Program

So, you have added B12 LOVE to your wellness journey and you’ve heard about the B12 LOVE Referral Program. Now, you might be interested in earning rewards that can be redeemed as cash on your future services and treating your loved ones to a discount on their first service. Here is everything you need to know to get started…

Download the B12 LOVE Mobile App

The app can be downloaded here or on any smartphone in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. You can locate it in either store by the app’s name, “B12 LOVE Mobile” or by the B12 LOVE logo. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll need to sign in to your B12 LOVE account or register.

Open Up the Profile Tab

Next, you’ll need to select the profile tab in the bottom, right-hand corner. It can be located by its icon, which is the outline of a person. You’ll then see different buttons and tabs under your first and last name. Select on the “Referral” button.

Refer friends + Get Rewards

After clicking the “Referral” button, you’ll land on a page with the title “Refer friends + Get Rewards”. This has everything you’ll need to get started. You will earn $10 off for every friend you refer and your friend will get $10 off their first service. You can share the LOVE by clicking on the button “Share”. This button will send your unique referral code (which you’ll see next to the “Share” button on the left) to anyone you may choose. After clicking the “Share” button, you can share your code via text message. Once your friend has your code, they can plug it in to the promo code box when booking their service and $10 off will be applied to their invoice. Once your referral has closed their first invoice at B12 LOVE using your unique code, you will receive a $10 reward that can be redeemed on future purchases at B12 LOVE. 

Locate and Redeem Your Earned Rewards

If you are looking for all the rewards you have earned, click on the “View your earnings” button, near the bottom of the “Refer friends + Get Rewards” page on the app. Here you’ll be able to locate all the rewards that can be redeemed during your next visit at B12 LOVE.

Watch our instructional video for these steps: B12 LOVE Referral Explainer

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