IV Drips, Injections, and Oral Supplements. What’s the Difference?

For many people, taking oral supplements is a regular part of their daily lives and an easy, convenient way to get their vitamins. While getting a nutrient IV or IM (intramuscular) injection might sound necessary only when you are severely dehydrated or ill, in reality, injections and IVs can (and should!) be a part of your regular wellness regimen too. Here’s why…

Injections and IVs Are More Efficient

Nutrient injections and IV drips allow your body to absorb and utilize 100% of the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. When you supplement with nutrients orally, typically less than 10% of the vitamins are absorbed by the body. This is because when you swallow vitamins (whether it’s a gummy, capsule or liquid form) it has to take a complex route through the digestive system that makes it much harder to reach your bloodstream. If you have digestive problems, such as IBS, your absorption of oral supplements may be diminished even further.

IVs and Injections Give Faster Results

Because the nutrients in IV drips and IM injections enter the bloodstream directly, they are utilized by the body’s cells right away. This means that most people feel the results almost instantly. When solely taking an oral form of a vitamin, it can take months and sometimes years (depending on your vitamin levels before starting your wellness journey) to notice a difference and raise levels back to normal.

What Should My Vitamin Routine Look Like for Best Results?

Now that we know IVs and injections are more effective at delivering nutrients to the bloodstream than oral supplements, does that mean oral supplements are useless?? The answer is simple. NO! 

We recommend receiving nutrient IV and injection services 1-4 times per month, in addition to supplementing with vitamins orally. Some vitamins and minerals have a short half-life in the body and need to be replaced every day (i.e. vitamin C and B vitamins). There are also several nutrients that are difficult to get through food (i.e. glutathione and NAD+), so supplementing via a combination of oral, IV and IM routes is optimal. This may be especially true for those taking certain medications, people with underlying illness or digestive issues, and anyone who drinks alcohol.

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Want to get started on a wellness routine, but not sure where to start? Chat with our licensed medical staff to discover which supplements and treatments are right for you. 

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