The Incredible Benefits of Iron Therapy

Feeling exhausted or struggling to keep up with your daily tasks? If so, you may be suffering from an undiagnosed iron deficiency.  At B12 LOVE, we offer an array of natural treatments that restore energy levels and provide additional health benefits through increased absorption of iron by the body. Discover why more people turn to B12 LOVE for a naturally sourced iron pick-me-up!

Iron Consultations

If you want to get your iron levels checked and balanced with a holistic approach, visiting a B12 LOVE Naturopathic Doctor for an iron consultation at B12 LOVE is the way to go. Our NDs will test your iron levels and create a plan around treating low iron levels holistically, which may include intravenous (IV) iron therapy or an oral form of iron to build iron stores back up. Our Naturopathic Doctors take a personalized approach tailored specifically to each patient’s needs, so you can rest assured that your iron levels are managed from multiple angles with excellent results.

Iron IV Benefits

Increased Energy Levels

One of the primary benefits of proper iron levels is that it helps to increase energy levels. Iron is essential in producing hemoglobin, a protein that carries oxygen in the blood. When iron levels are low, hemoglobin levels are low, leading to fatigue and decreased energy levels. Iron IVs can help to increase iron levels and improve energy levels.

Improved Brain Function

Iron treatments can help to improve brain function. Iron is essential for the proper development and part of the brain. Low iron levels have been linked to cognitive problems and decreased brain function. Iron IVs can help to increase iron levels and improve brain function.

Decreased Risk of Anemia

Iron support may decrease the risk of anemia. Anemia is characterized by low hemoglobin levels, leading to fatigue, shortness of breath, and other symptoms. Iron IVs can help to increase hemoglobin levels and reduce the risk of anemia.

Improves Athletic Performance

Iron therapy can improve athletic performance. This is because iron is necessary for producing hemoglobin, a protein that helps carry oxygen to the muscles. Iron IVs can help increase the muscles’ oxygen levels, improving performance.

Enhanced Immune Function

Proper iron levels can help to enhance immune function. Iron is essential for proper immune system function. Low iron levels have been linked to increased susceptibility to infection and decreased immune function. Iron IVs can help to increase iron levels and improve immune function.

Ready to check for or treat low iron levels? Book your consultation now with one of our licensed Naturopathic Doctors at select B12 LOVE Lounge locations or email us at luxeservices@b12love.com.

*Always consult your primary care provider before changing your health routine.

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