Healing with Homeopathics


From pain management to immune support, homeopathic treatments offer a multitude of benefits.

Pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, cold/flu infections, bloating, IBS… if you’ve ever experienced any of these, you’re definitely not alone. In fact, these ailments are so common that most of the population is accustomed to a daily routine involving a certain level of discomfort. I’m here to tell you that is not ok!

More importantly, you don’t have to rely solely on pharmaceuticals, physical therapy, or hiding out at home to get you through the modern-day human experience. Thankfully, there is support available that is non-narcotic, non-addictive, and not a NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, such as ibuprofen, naproxen etc).

Hanging out in the “back bar” section of the B12 LOVE menu, are some of the greatest nutrients you’ve never heard of. While they may seem like magic potions, our homeopathic treatments are carefully crafted (and well-researched) dilutions of natural substances (vegetable, mineral, or animal) known to treat various chronic and acute illnesses.

Additionally, with over 200 years of history, homeopathics continue to stand the test of time. Homeopathy has its roots in 18th century Germany and is based on two unconventional theories:

  • “Like cures like” – The notion that a disease can be cured by a substance that produces similar symptoms in healthy people. 
  • “Law of minimum dose” – The notion that the lower the dose of the medication, the greater its effectiveness.

All of our homeopathic solutions can be given intramuscularly (IM) or intravenously (IV).


With flu season in full swing, Engystol should be in your arsenal of immune defenses. This antiviral solution can be used along with the conventional flu shot to boost the immune system, guard against cold and flu symptoms, and decrease the severity and duration of a cold or flu. It can also be beneficial for viral infections such as shingles and chronic herpes outbreaks. We recommend getting Engystol 1-3 times during flu season (Oct-Feb), before & after traveling, and during active viral outbreaks. 

For a mega-immune boost, combine Engystol with our Kick Butt Travel injection or our Kick Butt Immune IV drip.


Whether you overdid it at the gym, injured yourself in an accident, or have a chronic condition involving inflammation, Traumeel can reduce pain and inflammation associated with a broad range of musculoskeletal conditions. In fact, based on the results of multiple clinical trials, Traumeel may be considered an effective and well-tolerated alternative to NSAIDs (such as ibuprofen, naproxen etc) for the first-line treatment of inflammatory pain and trauma. 

We recommend doing Traumeel along with our Inflammation Buster injection, or either our Pre/Post-Surgery or Inflamed Athlete IV drips.


If you’re part of the 15 percent of the population who suffers from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) or 50-plus percent of women who experience menstrual cramps, Spascupreel will be your new BFF. It acts as a powerful antispasmodic, helping to relieve spasms of the gastrointestinal and urogenital tract, as well as general muscle spasms. Spascupreel may also be combined with Traumeel to treat chronic back pain and reduce symptoms associated with Fibromyalgia.

Many of our clients with chronic pain like to use Spascupreel along with an injection containing Magnesium, such as our Wired & Tired. If that’s not enough Magnesium for you, go for our Chillax IV drip


Zeel (which I think should always be followed by an exclamation point… “ZEEL!”) can be used for the treatment of arthrosis/osteoarthritis and rheumatic joint diseases. Zeel is thought to improve the state of synovial fluid surrounding the arthritic joint, leading to improved joint function and less joint stiffness. Zeel is also thought to slow down the production of physiological “messengers” that promote pain and inflammation within connective tissue and cartilage. For best results, Zeel is recommended in combination with Traumeel. 

P.S. Ask our long-time Client Experience Specialist and Zeel devotee, Veronica, what it has done for her arthritis!


Neuralgo-Rheum focuses on nerve pain, soft-tissue rheumatism, and symptoms associated with spinal disc protrusion (aka, herniated disk). The most common signs and symptoms of a herniated disk are arm or leg pain, numbness or tingling, and weakness. For optimal nervous system support, combine the Neuralgo-Rheum with our Healthy Nerves injection or our Rock Your World IV drip.

Lymphomyosot X

But first, coffee lymphatic drainage.

The lymphatic system is our body’s waste removal system. It uses a network of vessels (similar to the circulatory system) filled with a fluid called lymph, which carries metabolic waste, toxins, infections and other foreign materials to lymph nodes, where they are then destroyed.

Our lymphatic system can easily become stagnant from dehydration, fatigue, stress, or infection, and can result in water retention, cellulite, chronic pain, and fatty deposits. A sluggish lymphatic system can also be the cause of chronic sinusitis, swollen glands, ankles and eyes, upper respiratory problems, throat problems, colds and pneumonia. 

Bottom line:  Junk builds up in our homes, cars, gutters… and bodies. It’s necessary to remove the clutter once in a while. We recommend doing Lymphomyosot X along with a Mini Fountain of Youth injection. To take it to the next level, do the Fountain of Youth IV drip with Glutathione add-on.

Got questions? Come to one of our pop-up locations or Lounges around the Bay Area and ask a B12 LOVE health practitioner which homeopathic treatment is right for you. Be well! 

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