Health Hacks for the Holiday Season

While the holidays are generally a time of excitement and joy, they can also take a toll on our mental and physical well-being. Often we’re so busy trying to show our love and appreciation for friends and family, that we forget to take care of ourselves. 

From lowering stress and eliminating toxins to boosting immunity and brightening your skin, B12 LOVE staff members share their favorite health hacks for getting through the holiday season.

Energy Enhancer: NAD+

If you follow our blog and social media, you know that we’ve gushed about NAD+ before. Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) is a critical cofactor for multiple biological processes, including maintaining cellular energy and DNA repair. “I love doing NAD+ drips for a big energy boost before holiday shopping and cooking,” says Sydney McClelland, Licensed Esthetician and Naturopathic Medical Assistant. (Available as an IV drip or IM injection)

Daily Immune Support

A blend of herbs known for their antimicrobial and immune-enhancing support, ImmunoTone capsules should be a part of everyone’s at-home winter wellness routine. Soon-to-be RN, Jessica S., says, “I take ImmunoTone every day for immune support. I also buy it for my family for Christmas too!” (Available at all B12 LOVE Lounges)

Whether you’re soothing a sore throat or trying to prevent one, Licensed Naturopathic Doctor and B12 LOVE Founder/CEO, Dr. Shannon-Wood Gallegos, recommends “anything with mushrooms”. Specifically, Dr. Shannon suggests using the Myco Shield throat spray several times throughout the day. “It’s great for both acute and on-going maintenance.” (Available at all B12 LOVE Lounges)

If a stuffy nose and cough are what ails you, Nurse Kayla recommends KuffSoothe wellness syrup. KuffSoothe is a natural honey mixture blended with herbs that supports healthy mucus production and respiratory function. (Available at all B12 LOVE Lounges)

Mega-Boost of Immune Support

Registered Nurses, Meghan H. and Jess H., both adore the Kick Butt Immune IV drip for staying healthy and hydrated during the holidays. “The KBI is my go-to holiday travel prep,” says Meghan. 

Jess adds, “I love our Kick Butt Immune IV for being such a nutrient dense and well-rounded bag. You get great immune support from the vitamin C, B-complex, lysine and zinc, but also great energy from vitamin B12, B5, and Taurine. And the best part is that it’s on special right now at B12 LOVE. What’s not to love about that?!”

(P.s. If you don’t have time for a full IV drip, pop into any B12 LOVE location for a Mini Fountain of Immunity injection!)

Staying Youthful Through the Yuletide 

Customer Experience Connoisseur, Veronica, relies on her monthly Mini Fountain of Youth IV drip (with a Glutathione add-on, of course) for vibrancy and vitality all year long. Btw, Veronica also attributes her timeless beauty to her nightly glass of whiskey. Cheers to that! 😉

For at-home skin nourishing, Dr. Kieu, ND, loves the SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore Cream for that inevitable “extreme skin dryness we all experience as our heaters turn on.” (Available at select B12 LOVE Lounges)

Stress Management Must Haves

B12 LOVE Novato Lounge Manager, Tina, sends stress hormones sailing with Coconut Soak Himalayan bath crystals. “It’s the perfect holiday gift for loved ones and yourself”, says Tina. (Available at all B12 LOVE Lounges)

Back when B12 LOVE Marina was just a pop-up, Registered Nurse, Emily C., used to give herself an injection of MIC, B6, + Taurine at the end of a busy shift. “I called it my ‘chillax’ shot… it worked like a charm!”, says Nurse Emily. Eventually, Dr. Shannon put it on the menu, complete with vitamin B12 (now called Sleep Like a Baby). 

If you want next level stress reduction, get the Ultimate Chillax IV drip. With the calming benefit of 800 mgs of Magnesium and tons of nerve-soothing nutrients and hydration, you’ll feel frazzle-free and fabulous. 

Don’t Forget to Detox 

Dr. Sara Zare, ND, regularly educates clients about the restorative benefits of Glutathione. “Replenishing your body’s often very depleted supply of this master antioxidant is key to helping the liver process and eliminate toxins,” Dr. Zare says. B12 LOVE offers Glutathione as an IM injection and IV drip. 

For an added layer of protection at home, you can take liposomal Glutathione or N-acetylcysteine (NAC) supplements – a precursor to Glutathione. (Available at all B12 LOVE locations)

Have a happy and healthy holiday season!

Got questions? Send us a message or visit one of our Bay Area locations and chat with our licensed health professionals.

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