Health & Wellness Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your Holiday List

You’ve heard it a million times by now and probably said it yourself: How is it December already?? While we may not have had the year we’d planned (or hoped for), one thing is certain… the holidays will arrive, along with the exchanging of gifts that has always accompanied them. Moreover, I’m guessing you’ve had enough stress this year. So, why not keep it simple and give the gift that is on top of everyone’s list: WELLNESS. 

In that spirit, we polled the B12 Love medical staff about their favorite supplements – available at all B12 Love locations – that have been keeping them and our clients physically and emotionally well this entire (crazy) year. 

p.s. Don’t forget, B12 Love gift cards are always available and never go out of style! 😉

HORMONE BALANCING: FemmenessencePRO & RevolutionPRO by Symphony
Symphony’s products contain various phenotypes (aka, colors) of maca, which have different adaptogenic effects on the body’s hormone production and regulation. 

FemmenessencePRO offers highly bioavailable maca for women seeking to restore hormonal balance to their bodies at all stages of reproduction – from the actively reproductive to the perimenopausal & post-menopausal female. Instead of introducing hormones into the body, FemmenessencePRO nourishes the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, supporting the body’s own hormone production. 

RevolutionPRO contains a combination of certified organic maca phenotypes formulated specifically to optimize male vitality. 

ANTI-AGING: Tru Niagen 
Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (or NAD+ for short) first garnered attention from the medical community in 2013 when genetics researchers at Harvard Medical School discovered its anti-aging effects in mice. It didn’t take long before NAD+ treatments became available for health-conscious humans wishing to “reverse the clock” in order to experience more energy, deeper sleep, enhanced immunity, and overall improved cellular repair and resilience. 

Tru Niagen contains a precursor to NAD+ called nicotinamide riboside, which increases NAD+ levels by 40-50%. While nicotinamide riboside can be found naturally in certain foods, it’s difficult to get the amount you need through a normal diet to effectively increase NAD+ on a regular basis. Additionally, Tru Niagen’s flavorless, odorless, quick dissolving powder is considerably more accessible and cost-effective than the pricier injection or intravenous

therapies available. Toss a packet of this into your morning smoothie or water bottle for a daily boost. 

A blend of eight “super” mushrooms and Astragalus extract, Mycel Immune Plus is specifically formulated to support a healthy immune system. Mushroom beta-glucans have been studied for their remarkable ability to support a balanced immune system response, while the astragalus plant has been used in Chinese traditional herbalism for centuries. In laboratory experiments, astragalus has been shown to increase the cellular production of compounds necessary for the normal function of the immune system. 

GUT HEALTH: Probiotic Pearls 
Did you know that there are at least as many bacteria living in your digestive tract as there are cells in your body? Also known as your microbiome, these bacteria have tremendous influence over your health. Factors such as stress, diet, aging, environmental toxins, medications, and a sedentary lifestyle can all lead to a lack of microbial abundance and diversity. Maintaining a healthy balance of these beneficial bacteria is important for immune and digestive function, skin health, cognition, and hormone production/balance. 

Probiotic Pearls are a blend of active cultures – including Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium – to help support a healthy gut. It’s a quick, easy, and effective way to get your daily probiotic boost. 

Ashwagandha (“Ah-shwah-gahn-da”) translates from Sanskrit to mean “impart the strength of a horse.” Wowza! Not surprisingly, this adaptogenic herb promotes energy along with overall health and longevity. Ashwagandha is most effective during occasional stress, when you need a boost in cognitive and brain function, for immune system enhancement, and to maintain lipid and glucose metabolism already within the normal range. 

SLEEP SUPPORT: Herbatonin 
Herbatonin-3mg is a natural, plant-based melatonin. This is a drug-free, vegan sleep aid for jet lag, shift work, or general insomnia. Intended for short term use of 3-7 days to realign your circadian rhythm and sleep cycle. 

Traumeel is a homeopathic remedy that uses a combination of biological and mineral extracts to help reduce pain and inflammation associated with musculoskeletal injuries or other conditions. In fact, based on the results of clinical trials, Traumeel can be considered an effective and well-tolerated alternative to NSAIDs (such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen etc) for the first-line treatment of inflammatory pain and trauma.

HEART, BRAIN, IMMUNE FUNCTION: Nordic Naturals Omega-3s
EPA and DHA play important roles throughout the body as influential structural components of cell membranes. However, the human body can’t produce the essential fats needed to create these important omega-3 fatty acids on its own, so we must rely on outside sources, like cold-water fish and flaxseed. Nordic Naturals’ fish oil is made from 100% wild-caught sardines & anchovies, and developed in the triglyceride molecular form – the form naturally found in fish, and the form your body most easily absorbs. Non-GMO and Friend of the Sea (FOS) certified, ProOmega is great for heart, brain, and immune support. 

Liquid B-12 is a complete B-complex formula that is high in vitamin B12. Although each B vitamin has its own action in the body, they often function together in common metabolic pathways, such as energy production and DNA synthesis. This formula contains 5,000 mcg of B12 in three different forms to optimize its utilization. In other words, it’s a great back-up source for Bs when you can’t get your regular injection or IV. 

ANTIOXIDANT & DETOXIFICATION: NAC (aka, the Glutathione enhancer) N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) is a stable form of the non-essential amino acid cysteine. Cysteine acts as a stabilizer for the formation of protein structures. The primary function of NAC is to supply the cysteine necessary for glutathione synthesis and replenishment. This formula also contains molybdenum, an essential trace element that functions as a cofactor in many biochemical reactions, and selenium, another trace mineral that supports glutathione production. 

ANTI-INFLAMMATION: Theracurmin (turmeric) 
Curcumin (a component of turmeric) is a natural anti-inflammatory and powerful antioxidant. Curcumin is thought to help improve immune function, relieve symptoms of IBS, support the liver & detox pathways, and modulate blood sugar, amongst other health benefits. Theracurmin is formulated to enhance bioavailability and significantly increase curcumin levels in the blood. Specifically, it is water-dispersible, meaning it dissolves quickly and maintains solubility over time, thereby improving curcumin’s overall absorption in the body. 

ADRENAL HEALTH: Cortisol Manager 
Cortisol (aka, the “stress hormone”) is produced by the adrenal cortex in response to stress. Under normal circumstances, cortisol helps us adapt. However, when we’re chronically stressed, our cortisol levels can become imbalanced, causing a cascade of other imbalances in our bodies.

Cortisol Manager contains stress-reducing ingredients and botanicals, such as Ashwagandha and L-theanine, to promote relaxation and restful sleep without compromising daytime alertness. 

KETOGENIC DIET / WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: KTO-bar & Chews The ketogenic diet has been associated with stabilizing blood sugar and insulin levels, fat loss and maintaining a healthy body weight, mood regulation and optimal cognitive function, cardiovascular health, and improved athletic performance. KTO-bar and chews are a tasty and convenient way to stick to your ketogenic diet, as well as a simple delivery system for medium chain triglycerides (MCT). It can be enjoyed by ketogenic dieters or anyone looking for the boost these special fats provide while keeping sugar intake low. 

Got questions? Send us a message or book an appointment at one of our Bay Area locations for more information. Happy holidays and stay healthy!

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