Welcome Winter Without the Weight Gain

With the holiday season upon us, our year-long efforts to shed pounds, manage cravings, and maintain an exercise routine can seem like they’re going straight out the window. However, with the right nutrients, supplements and medical support, you can take on the holidays without taking on the feelings of guilt and failure. You got this… and we got you!

While some individuals breeze through the holiday season without gaining weight, the vast majority of us have to work at it. And it can sometimes feel impossible, especially the older we get. Thankfully, there are a few key nutrients that can help kick-start and maintain weight loss, manage sugar and carb cravings, boost energy and keep our metabolism running like a well-oiled machine. Winter without the weight gain? It’s the best gift you can give to yourself this holiday season!



MIC is short for Methionine, Inositol, & Choline. Separately and combined, these three molecules play an important role in breaking down fat, revving metabolism, and facilitating detoxification pathways. They also help support nervous system functioning and aid in the production of various neurotransmitters.


L-Carnitine plays a critical role in the production of energy and in weight loss. Specifically, L-carnitine transports long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria (the “powerhouse” of our cells) so they can be oxidized to produce energy. Additionally, L-carnitine easily crosses the blood-brain barrier and has been found to reverse stress-related mood and cognitive disorders.

Vitamin B5

The adrenal-loving vitamin B5 not only helps our bodies mitigate the negative effects of stress, it also helps to produce energy. At the cellular level, B5 is used to make coenzyme A (CoA), a chemical compound that facilitates the breakdown of fatty acids. It has even been proposed that B5 may have an antioxidant effect that reduces low-grade inflammation – a contributing factor in obesity and numerous chronic diseases. 

Vitamin B12

While vitamin B12 itself won’t shed the pounds for you, it does help the way your body absorbs and utilizes nutrients. Instead of turning these nutrients into fat, B12 helps turn them into energy. Studies have shown that supplementation with B vitamins can effectively reduce weight gain and plasma levels of lipids.


NAD+ plays an important role in producing adenosine triphosphate (ATP) – the “fuel” produced by our mitochondria that supports all cellular functions and muscle contractions. Essentially, the more ATP that is produced within the body, the greater our energy levels and muscle function. Clients who get NAD+ regularly notice a profound increase in physical energy, stamina and mental clarity.

What About Food Cravings?

It’s not a coincidence that, in addition to burning fat, all of these nutrients play a role in the health and stabilization of our nervous system, stress response, mood, and cognitive function. 

Cravings are a sign that the body is experiencing some kind of imbalance, and they often show up when we’re fatigued, depressed, or dieting. Both low blood sugar and low serotonin (our “happy” neurotransmitter) send a signal to the brain that it needs a pick-me-up. It is this signal – which we cannot consciously control – that causes a craving for sugar or carbohydrates.

Because sugar and simple carbohydrates release a burst of serotonin, we feel good for a short time. However, the cycle starts all over again fairly quickly. Ironically, the more sugar one consumes, the more one craves it because sugar excess can lead to insulin resistance. It’s a downward spiral that unhealthy forms of dieting and poorly managed stress will exacerbate. 

How Do Injections and IVs Help?

Whether you’re actively trying to lose weight, or just trying to keep it in check, B12 LOVE’s nutrient injections and IV drips are designed to get these nutrients into your systems swiftly and safely. We recommend weekly injections, such as the Ultra Weight Loss or Mini Fountain of Energy. You can combine or alternate your nutrient cocktails with a shot of NAD+.

If you’ve got a little extra time on your hands, vitamin IVs are a great way to give your body a lot of nutrients at once, in addition to much needed hydration. We recommend IV drips once per month during the holiday season, especially if you consume alcohol regularly.

Can I Still Take Oral Supplements?

Absolutely! Most of the nutrients in our injections and IV drips are also available for purchase as oral supplements, and are generally safe to consume even when doing injectables regularly. Oral supplements work slower and less efficiently than injections and IVs, but are a good way to keep nutrient levels balanced between services or when traveling. Additionally, some nutrients (such as curcumin, ashwagandha, and fish oil) are only available via oral supplement, and can be a great addition to your injectable routine. We love multi-nutrient combos, such as Integrative Therapeutics “Detoxification Factors” during the holiday season.

Want A Customized Health Plan? Try B12 LOVE’s ‘Luxe Services’ 

B12 LOVE’s Licensed Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) are now available for consultations (in-person or virtual) to help clients customize their wellness routines and achieve their health goals, no matter how grand or small they may be. Our NDs have over 30+ years of combined clinical experience in naturopathic medicine, and can do everything from lab testing to diet & lifestyle modification. They can also recommend specific injections, IV drips, and oral supplements that best complement your body and health needs. 

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