Don’t Let Digestive Issues Ruin Your Holidays

If you’re one of the 30-40 percent of the population that suffers from functional bowel problems, the holidays can bring about a mixed bag of emotions as you anticipate traveling, increased stress, and gathering with friends and family over meals. 

Moreover, it’s not just the physical discomfort that makes IBS and other GI issues so disruptive and frustrating. Scientists and health professionals who study the GI system often refer to it as “the second brain” because of its profound influence on the entire body, including our cognitive/emotional well-being, immune functioning, and metabolic health, amongst other things. In short, when your gut is in turmoil, multiple aspects of health and happiness can suffer as a result.

So do you suck it up and risk feeling awful for the sake of being social? Or do you stick to your routine and (once again) feel like the oddball who’s missing out on all the fun? 

Thankfully, you don’t have to choose! Furthermore, you don’t have to rely on antacids and other meds that simply mask the problem. With the right combo of digestion boosting nutrients and supplements, you can actually build belly resilience in both the short and long-term. Here are our must-haves for a gut-happy holiday season. (Available at all B12 LOVE Lounge locations)

Digestive Enzymes

Hands down our favorite hack for getting through every meal comfortably, is Integrative Therapeutics’ Similase. Made by one of the most trusted supplement companies out there, Similase is a proprietary blend of naturally-derived digestive enzymes that helps to support digestion of all food types. Take two pills before you begin a meal and then sit back, eat, and relax (really!).

Protective Probiotics

Introducing probiotics into your daily routine can help ensure that your gut has a consistent source of beneficial microbiota… aka, the good type of bacteria that is naturally found in a healthy person’s GI tract. This not only helps promote balanced digestion and regular bowel movements, but also supports the immune system and mental wellness. We recommend Integrative Therapeutics’ Probiotic Pearls for its unparalleled quality (and price point!).

Botanicals Over Belly Aches

Gut supportive botanicals can help soothe a distressed or inflamed GI system. We love Thorne’s GI Relief (formerly GI-Encap) for its simple, yet effective formula. If you want next level support (and aren’t afraid to swallow lots of pills at once), try Designs For Health’s GI Revive.

Natural Anti-Inflammatories

Natural anti-inflammatories such as Vitamin D, Glutathione, L-Carnitine, and CoQ10 are crucial to long-term gut health, as inflammation is a root cause of GI distress. We recommend getting these nutrients in a weekly injection or IV drip. This will ensure that your body’s cells get 100% of the nutrients without any negative gastrointestinal side effects.

Design Your Diet

Just like no two people are the same, no two bellies are the same either. What might work for your cousin Sam, may wreak havoc on your system. That’s why having a diet and wellness plan tailored for your body is the best gift you can give yourself. B12 LOVE’s Luxe Service allows you to make an appointment with one of our licensed Naturopathic Doctors (ND) to discuss your health needs one-on-one. 

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