Planning For Your Big Day?


You Deserve an IV Vitamin Drip for Two!

Spring is almost here and so is your Big Day. Spring weddings are as lovely as the season and offer so many delights and options, from your special wedding attire, theme, the beautiful floral arrangements, music and delicious food and drink to celebrate this major life event with your nearest and dearest.

As you check off your wedding planning to-do list, make sure you (and your fiancee!) are checking in with yourselves about your health and well-being. Are you feeling overwhelmed or stressed? Dehydrated? Not sleeping as soundly or as long as you would like? Hair, skin, and nails showing the wear and tear of daily Bay Area living? It is time for a visit to the B12 LOVE Lounge! Easily book an appointment at any of Lounge locations for yourself, your fiancee, and maybe your Maid of Honor and Best Man, too!

With all the time and money you are investing in your wedding and the wedding reception, you will want to feel 100% and then some, on your wedding day. The B12 LOVE Lounge’s spa-like nutrient experience will ensure you are hydrated, glowing, energized and ready to say your vows and party like a newlywed rockstar!

From Fountain of Youth Drip to Chillax Drip, all of our 10 IV Vitamin Drips will nourish and ensure you feel and look your best on your very special wedding day and for days to come! Be ready to celebrate!

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