Your First Time for B12 Shots? Welcome to the B12 LOVE!

When you walk into the B12 LOVE Lounge expect to be greeted warmly. You will fill out the necessary forms on a tablet and wait in a welcoming front room with healthy and yummy snacks. We have 7 locations to choose from in the Bay Area.

You may notice a diverse group of people, different ages, and backgrounds, also waiting. To pass the time, you might pull out your phone to text or update friends that you are trying a B12 shot or IV Vitamin Drip. Maybe you haven’t been sleeping well, and possibly you have a vegan co-worker who happened to send you a B12 LOVE quiz which got you thinking about Vitamin B12 in your diet.

After a quick wait, a member of our medical team will call your name, then introduce him or herself. B12 LOVE strives to put you at ease with our naturopathic team’s calm demeanor. You will go to a room for your B12 shot. We will always ask you if this is your first B12 shot and recommend shot placement and positioning of your body.

The B12 LOVE medical professional will give you the shot with a tiny needle and a unique distraction method. If you do feel something, it will be the teeniest poke. The B12 shot is not like getting a flu or vaccination shot, or having your ears pierced, or definitely not like a tattooing needle. Even an acupuncture needle is bigger than the needle we use.

We do look forward to meeting you soon at B12 LOVE! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us. We recommend having your B12 levels checked regularly, especially if you are having health issues such as not sleeping well, low energy, and numbness or tingling sensations in hands or feet, which could all be signs of deficient levels of Vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 is an essential, water-soluble vitamin that we must absorb daily in our diet. Your body uses B12 for your brain, red blood cells, your hair and skin, your mitochondria, and your nerve health; everything from your head to your toes! If you are not able to absorb B12 due to lack of intrinsic factor or because of other health reasons, come experience why B12 LOVE is the most effective, affordable and efficient way to get your essential B12.

B12 LOVE is here to help you feel better!

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