Fight Spring Allergies With These Super Vitamins

Spring can be a beautiful season of renewal and growth, but for many, it brings an unwelcome storm of symptoms that signals the start of seasonal allergies. Allergies are caused because protein particles in pollen or mold set off your immune system, releasing inflammation and histamine into your body, causing sneezing, sore throat, runny nose, headache, and fatigue. But don’t worry! Keeping up with your vitamin injection or IV drip routine may help reduce these uncomfortable effects so you can enjoy more days outdoors in the sunshine this spring.

It can be tempting to head straight for the drugstore aisle when seeking relief from allergies and colds. But these meds only provide short-term comfort; plus, they come with side effects like fatigue or dry nasal passages! To effectively battle your symptoms long term, aim instead to bolster your immunity and detoxify your body from any stressors.

Prep your body with the proper nutrients and supplements to get ahead of seasonal allergies this year with B12 LOVE.


Glutathione is a powerful internal superhero that works to protect your body from the inside out! This master antioxidant produced naturally by the liver is essential in keeping our immune system and lungs functioning optimally. In addition, it helps fight against oxidative stress, mercury & toxic metals, alcohol consumption, and environmental pollutants. Glutathione can be administered as an injection and IV drip, but we highly recommend it via IV! It can be given in very high doses when administered through an IV which may optimize results.

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MIC is a powerful trio of nutrients that can do more than help you metabolize fat – it may also be an effective way to combat allergies! Methionine assists with reducing histamine, Inositol has calming properties that reduce stress and anxiety related to allergy flare-ups, and Choline helps by modulating inflammation in the body. Combined with a MIC formula, these key ingredients bring much-needed relief to those suffering from chronic allergic reactions.

What makes up a MIC Injection?

Methionine: it supports the digestive system by helping to remove heavy metals within the body while breaking down fat deposits, thus preventing the possible build-up of fat in arteries. Methionine can also be converted to cytosine, the precursor of glutathione, which is essential in detoxifying the liver.

Inositol: supports the transfer of nutrients at the cellular level and helps maintain proper electrical energy across the cell membrane. In addition, Inositol converts fats into other useful forms of energy and assists in establishing healthy cell membranes, thus facilitating nerve impulses.

Choline: assists in controlling blood cholesterol levels and weight gain by maintaining healthy cell membranes. Choline has been linked to and directly associated with the maintenance of the nervous system, assisting memory, and is critical for normal cell membrane structure and function. Choline is the precursor of betaine, which helps in liver function and the formation of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

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Zinc has been trending lately due to its potent properties in helping protect and treat respiratory tract infections. It’s great for boosting your immune system, treating inflammation, and reducing seasonal allergy effects. Zinc can be found in many of our IVs and can be administered at any of our B12 LOVE lounge locations.

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Vitamin C

If you’re looking for a “wonderful” way to help heal, look no further than vitamin C. This water-soluble dynamo can reduce free radicals as an antioxidant and support your immune system. It also doubles up as a natural antihistamine – research has linked lower levels of this essential nutrient with higher histamine levels – so get ready for relief when supplementing through IV therapy!

Want to take it to the next level? Try High-Dose Vitamin C for a super immune boost. One of our expert naturopathic doctors can help you determine the perfect dose for you and your lifestyle.

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Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5, or Dexpanthenol, is a great way to keep your energy levels up and avoid feeling sluggish during allergy season. It also serves a vital role in the health of our bodies. It helps support adrenal glands, which produce essential hormones for regulating metabolism and maintaining optimal blood pressure, among other key functions! If you want the effects of vitamin B5 to kick in immediately, try it with an injection or IV drip. Vitamin B5 can be added to most B12 LOVE services.

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Vitamin D3

Get your daily dose of sunshine and the incredible health benefits that come along with it – like better immunity! Vitamin D is synthesized when ultraviolet rays from natural sunlight strike our skin. This is why getting a vitamin D shot is crucial as the seasons change. This vitamin is essential in influencing our genes for optimal immune functioning; uncontrolled inflammation can occur if you lack enough Vit D. The NIH recommends adults maintain at least 50 nmol/L (or 20 ng/mL) of this critical nutrient – but before supplementing with a boost of vit D, chat to one of B12 LOVE’s medical practitioners first – they’ll be able to help ascertain how much is right for YOU!

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